Interaction Design – Stepping Stone to the Future and Big Bucks Today?

I love my iPad. I love the way Apple has made computing even more intuitive. But where are we going? Are we just going to extend the notion that iPad has truly begun?

I do dig the cool translating glasses (at least for those of us who like to travel and wear glasses).

Form follows function. Right? Well, Bret Victor, designer extraordinaire points out something that is glaringly obvious, yet accepted pretty much as the status quo. All these user interfaces are in essence, an incremental step beyond what he calls Pictures Under Glass. His rant on the future of interactive design points out one the most important things overlooked in designing software for human beings. That is, HUMAN CAPABILITY! (Yes, I’m looking at you Redmond.)

If you think it through, this makes real sense. The keyboard keeps you pretty detached from the real world. A mouse gives you some tactile connectivity but still you are pretty disconnected. The iPad cuts out some of that disconnection, yet, you are justing sliding a finger on glass.

Taking into account what humans are capable of and designing these software tools to match ought to be first and foremost on every developer and designers mind. True interaction. True utility. True connection. They all appear when we not only service the needs of the customer but when we do it such a fashion as to make it truly second nature, dare I say, more humanly? Bret’s rant hopes to inspire a greater vision to find that more integral and useful interface and hurry through this transitional phase. My hope would be that those of us in the creative technology biz will take these to heart and never forget that added dimension in the human equation since that connection can mean real dollars and cents for your business.

Food for thought the next time you think about deploying an app, website or something intended for human consumption.